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JOY FOREVER Created in 2013, JOY Forever is a sophisti- cated blend of natural and luxury ingredients. JOY Forever is a stunning floral perfume containing the key original olfactive ingredients of JOY – Rose de May and Jasmine – “The Patounade” or secret blend of JEAN PATOU fragrances but with a modern twist.
HERITAGE COLLECTION An exclusive collection of classic JEAN PATOU fragrances from the past. Three exquisite historical perfumes from The JEAN PATOU fragrance archives have been selected by in-house perfumer, Thomas Fontaine as the first to be showcased in the modern era.
1000 The scent of „1000‟ is unmistakable – a floral bouquet with a slightly woody twist. It took ten long years and literally 1000 attempts to achieve the perfect formula for this perfume. Launched in 1972, the opulence and charm of „1000‟ leaves a remarkable impression, with a symphony of precious essences distilled from the most exquisite flowers.
SUBLIME Created in 1992,Sublme emerged as a new milestone in the history of the house of Jean Patou and was designed as a pure celebration of femininity. SUBLIME is a joyous floral explosion, rich and rounded in contour and soft in texture. Its secret resides in the heart notes where floral notes are played against each other – rose and jasmine are combined with lily-of-the-valley and orange blossom, enhanced by warm notes of vetiver, sandalwood and oak moss.
JOY The 1929 stock market crash bankrupted many of JEAN PATOU’s clients As a response JEAN PATOU created a fragrance designed as a work of art and as a gift for his good customers and friends to chase the Depression blues away. No expense was to be spared and the finest raw materials were to be used. “The costliest fragrance in the world” was named JOY, in defiance of grim headlines and hard times, with a mission to spread a message of JOY around the world.

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