The vibrant legacy of Patou’s fragrance world continues to ignite passions and excite a new generation of scent lovers. His timeless innovations set in place in the 1920s were brilliant in their simplicity. Patou adored women…all women so as a homage to brunettes, blondes and redheads all over the world his first foray into fragrance matched scents to hair colour as a woman would team her fashion to her complexion. Que Sais-Je, Amour Amour and Adieu Sagesse were not only great fragrances but changed the way in which perfume was marketed.

His invention and ability to tap in to world events and the spirit of his times saw other iconic scents add to his reputation.
Normandie celebrated the great achievement of French industry as the launch of the dynamic, new Trans-Atlantic steam liner crossed the ocean to New York in 1935.
In 1936 the first paid leave for the French people inspired Patou to create Vacances, and, of course there is JOY. Jean Patou’s antidote to the great economic crash of 1929 which was then titled the “costliest fragrance in the world” and which, despite the turmoil and world crisis, inspired hope and luxury. Quite simply it was a fusion of vast quantities of Damascene Rose and Jasmine de Grasse which was the key to its luxury.

Today, JOY remains a symbol of quality and opulence and whilst the life of women has changed enormously in the last 80 years, her desire for JOY remains unchanged. A new chapter in the JOY story begins with the launch of JOY FOREVER…for today’s discerning woman and full of the finest ingredients and sophisticated blends of natural quality. JOY FOREVER an exquisite new perfume containing the key ingredients of JOY but with a modern twist, exuding style it is the perfect scent to complement the modern woman.

Que sais-je ?

To showcase the re-birth of the House and to satisfy the continuing demand by perfume aficionados around the world Jean Patou Collection Héritage brings back three classic fragrances form the historical archive.
PATOU POUR HOMME, CHALDÉE and EAU DE PATOU have been selected by in-house perfumer, Thomas Fontaine for their character, charm and timeless appeal.

When first introduced in 1927 CHALDÉE was a sensation. It starts out as the first ever sun tan oil as summer vacations became all the rage. It was the scent of Huile de Chaldée that was so popular. The combination of oriental, spicy ingredients was intensified by the heat of the sun. Today’s CHALDÉE is a fragrance which evokes the opulence of La Belle Epoque and a time of freedom and change.

PATOU POUR HOMME is quite simply a genuine men’s perfume. First launched in 1980 it is a rich warm complex scent consisting of natural essential oils with a noble long lasting character which captures the essence of masculinity. The elegance and undeniable style of the great man himself is epitomised by this classic scent.

EAU DE PATOU is a crisp and vibrant scent that embodied carefree days and relaxation. It has a lightness of touch and a subtle freshness unparalleled in the Jean Patou archive. Created originally in 1976 as a unisex fragrance EAU DE PATOU is light and fresh yet undeniably sophisticated and unmistakably Jean Patou.

The quality of these 3 stunning scents is further enhanced by the contemporary elegant new bottle which takes its inspiration from the original Jean Patou archive and reflects the luxury of COLLECTION HÉRITAGE.